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The coil is one of the important parts of the solenoid valve. Once the coil is out of order, it will affect the use of the whole solenoid valve. It is difficult to see whether the coil is good or bad with the naked eye, how do we do that, exactly? Might as well study together. 1. To measure the quality of the coil, use a multimeter first, and then use a static check method to determine whether the coil is working properly. To do this, connect the multimeter NIB to the coil pin and observe the values displayed on the multimeter display. If the value exceeds the rated value. If the value is lower than the rated value, then there is a short circuit in the coil. An infinite value indicates an open circuit in the coil, which indicates that the coil has been damaged and needs to be replaced. 2. There is another way to check if the coil is good or bad. Using A Twenty-four volt power supply connected to the coil, if the sound is heard, the coil is good and can absorb normally. If no sound is heard, the coil is broken. 3. We can also use a screwdriver to check the quality of the coil by placing it around the coil metal rod and electrifying the solenoid valve. If the screwdriver is magnetic, the coil is normal, and vice versa. The above is to detect the solenoid valve coil is good or bad method, if the coil has been damaged, the use of solenoid valve will have an impact, so if found damaged coil, it is recommended to replace immediately.

Post time: May-20-2022