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  • Principle classification of pilot solenoid valve

    Principle classification of pilot solenoid valve Main types: 1 Direct-acting relief valve; 2 Pilot hydraulic valve; 3 High Pressure Solenoid Valve; Principle of direct-acting solenoid valve: The solenoid valve is simple in structure and consists of coil, fixed core, moving core and cold body. Whe...
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  • FLYING BULL company participated in the international exhibition of construction and construction machinery held in Moscow, Russia in May 2023

    On May 23rd, 2023, Russian International Construction and Construction Machinery Exhibition was held as scheduled in the exhibition center of Moscow Saffron Expo. Our company sent elite leaders to arrive as scheduled, and thousands of giants and famous brands in building materials, construction m...
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  • FLYING BULL recommends five important factors to consider when purchasing pressure sensors!

    Choosing the right pressure sensor for your application depends on many factors. Here are 10 important factors to consider when choosing a pressure sensor:     1, Sensor accuracy Reason: Accuracy may be the most important feature. It tells you how close the pressure measurement is to t...
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  • Structure principle, classification and usage of solenoid valve

    Structure principle, classification and usage of solenoid valve

    Solenoid valve plays a role in adjusting the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of medium in industrial control system. Although it is a small accessory, it has a lot of knowledge. Today, we will organize an article about its structural principle, classification and usage. Let’s le...
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  • Three characteristics of micro solenoid valve

    Miniature solenoid valve is an executive component, which is widely used and can be seen in many places. However, when we buy this product, we should know its characteristics, so that we won't buy it wrong. For those who don't know its characteristics, take a look at the...
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  • Causes of solenoid valve damage and judging methods

    Solenoid valve is a kind of actuator, which is widely used in mechanical control and industrial valves. It can control the direction of fluid, and control the position of valve core through electromagnetic coil, so that the air source can be cut off or connected to chang...
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  • How To Choose And Buy Solenoid Valve Coil?

    Many customers in the choice of solenoid valve coil, the basic consideration is the price, quality, service, but some customers prefer to choose low-cost products, which in turn leaves many manufacturers loopholes, some manufacturers produce products with inferior materi...
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  • How To test the SOLENOID VALVE COIL?

    The coil is one of the important parts of the solenoid valve. Once the coil is out of order, it will affect the use of the whole solenoid valve. It is difficult to see whether the coil is good or bad with the naked eye, how do we do that, exactly? Might as well study tog...
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