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Three characteristics of micro solenoid valve

Miniature solenoid valve is an executive component, which is widely used and can be seen in many places. However, when we buy this product, we should know its characteristics, so that we won't buy it wrong. For those who don't know its characteristics, take a look at the following, which may give you a new understanding of it. The three characteristics of micro solenoid valves are as follows:

1. internal leakage is easy to control, external leakage is effectively eliminated, and the use safety is high. We know that internal and external leakage is a great threat to electrical equipment. Many other automatic control valves often extend the valve stem, and the actuator controls the valve core, so that the valve core can rotate or move. However, to solve the problem of internal and external leakage, we still need to rely on the micro solenoid valve. The unique structure of this product makes it easy to control the internal leakage, and it completes the sealing in the magnetic isolation sleeve, so it can eliminate the external leakage and greatly improve the safety.

2. Simple structure, low price and convenient connection. The product itself has a simple structure and low price. Compared with other actuators, it is not only easy to install, but also simple to maintain. Especially, it can be connected with a computer.

3. Low power consumption, fast response speed, and small and compact appearance. The response time of this product is very short, which can be as short as a few milliseconds. Because it is a self-contained circuit, it is very sensitive. Its power consumption is also very small, and it can be regarded as an environment-friendly and energy-saving product. The overall size of the product is also relatively small, which can help save installation space. The above mainly explains the three characteristics of micro solenoid valve. I hope everyone can have a comprehensive understanding of this product, so that it can be used correctly in application, effectively avoiding hidden dangers caused by wrong use.

Post time: Aug-26-2022