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FLYING BULL recommends five important factors to consider when purchasing pressure sensors!

Choosing the right pressure sensor for your application depends on many factors. Here are 10 important factors to consider when choosing a pressure sensor:



1, Sensor accuracy

Reason: Accuracy may be the most important feature. It tells you how close the pressure measurement is to the actual pressure. Depending on the application, this may be the most important, or the reading from the transmitter may only be used as an approximate number. Either way, it provides a certain degree of certainty for the transmitted measurement results.


2. Pressure typ 

Cause: The Pressure sensor is defined by the measured reference pressure. Absolute pressure is measured relative to absolute zero pressure, gauge pressure is measured relative to atmospheric pressure, and differential pressure is the difference between one arbitrary pressure and another.

Function: Determine the type of pressure you need to measure, and check the specifications of the sensor to see if it is available.




3. Pressure range

Reason: Pressure range is one of the important characteristics of transmitter. The minimum and maximum range encountered in the application must be included in the range of the sensor. Since accuracy is usually a function of full-scale range, a range just high enough should be considered to achieve the best accuracy.

Function: Check sensor specifications. It will have a list of setting ranges or a customizable range that can be selected between the minimum and maximum boundaries. The range availability will be different for each pressure type.



4, Sensor service environment and medium temperature

Reason: The medium temperature and ambient temperature of the sensor should be within the range specified by the sensor. High and low temperatures beyond the limits of the transducer will damage the transducer and affect the accuracy.

Function: Check the temperature specification of the transmitter and the suggested environmental conditions and medium temperature for the proposed application.



5. Size

Reason: The sensor size you choose must be suitable for its intended use. This may not be a problem for industrial factory applications or manufacturing environments, but it may be a key selection factor for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with limited space in the enclosure.



Post time: May-27-2023