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AL3P7G276AF automatic transmission solenoid valve kit 6R60 6R80

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  • OE: 6R80
  • Applicable temperature: -30~120(℃)
  • Installation form: Direct-inserted clamping plate fixation
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     Warranty:1 Years

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

    Brand Name:FLYING BULL

     Flow direction:one-way

    Type of drive: electric current

     Pressure environment: depression

    Points for attention

    AL3P7G276AF automatic transmission solenoid valve kit 6R60 6R80

    The automatic transmission solenoid valve is an important part of the automatic transmission control unit, and its role is mainly to control the flow of hydraulic oil according to the command from the driving computer, so as to realize the operation of the transmission shift. The working principle of the solenoid valve is similar to that of the hydraulic valve in the electronically controlled hydraulic system, but the working pressure and flow of the automatic transmission solenoid valve are relatively small, because the internal actuator of the automatic transmission also requires precision control.

    Specifically, when the vehicle needs to shift, the solenoid valve will open or close the hydraulic oil path according to the instruction, so that the actuator inside the gearbox can act, so as to achieve the shift. The response speed and accuracy of the solenoid valve are very high, which can realize the precise control of the shifting process, improve the ride comfort and fuel economy. If the solenoid valve fails, it will lead to the transmission shift is not smooth, crash, abnormal sound and other problems, and even can not shift in serious cases. Therefore, for automatic transmission, the maintenance and maintenance of the solenoid valve is very important.


    Product specification

    6R80 (5)(1)(1)

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