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for Eaton Vikers Eaton Cartridge Valve Coil 300AA00101A \MCSCJ012DN000010

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  • Applicable models: for Eaton Vikers Eaton
  • OE: 300AA00101A
  • Magnetism property: Copper core coil
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    Warranty:1 year

    Type:Solenoid valve coil

    Customized support:OEM, ODM

    Model Number:300AA00101A


    Temperature of Media:Medium Temperature




    Points for attention

    Solenoid valve coil function
        The movable core in the solenoid valve coil is attracted by the coil when the valve is energized, driving the valve core to move, thus changing the on-state of the valve; The so-called dry or wet type only refers to the working environment of the coil, and there is no big difference in the valve action; However, the inductance of a hollow coil and the inductance after the addition of an iron core in the coil is different, the former is small, the latter is large, when the coil through alternating current, the impedance generated by the coil is not the same, for the same coil, plus the same frequency of alternating current, the inductance will vary with the core position, that is, its impedance varies with the core position, the impedance is small. The current flowing through the coil will increase.

    Solenoid valve coil test method
           Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the solenoid valve, and the resistance of the coil should be about 100 ohms! If the resistance of the coil is infinite, it means that it is broken, you can also power the solenoid valve coil with iron products on the solenoid valve, because the solenoid valve with magnetic absorption of iron products after the solenoid valve coil is energized. If it can absorb the iron product, it means that the coil is good, otherwise it means that the coil is broken. The detection method of solenoid coil short circuit or break is to first measure its on-off with a multimeter, and the resistance value approaches zero or infinity, which indicates that the coil short circuit or break. If the resistance value is normal, it can not show that the coil must be good, you should also find a small screwdriver placed near the metal rod worn in the solenoid valve coil, and then the solenoid valve is energized, if you feel magnetic, then the solenoid valve coil is good, otherwise it is bad.

    Product specification

    300AA00101A 水1 (3)
    300AA00101A 水1 (2)
    300AA00101A 水1 (1)

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