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6HP19 Transmission Solenoid Kit for BMW X3 X5 for Audi

Short Description:

  • OE: 0501213960
  • Car Model: BMW X3 X5 for Audi A6 A8 Q7
  • Transmission Mode: 6HP19 6HP26 6HP32
  • Applicable temperature: -30~120(℃)
  • Nominal pressure: 0.46(MPa)
  • Nominal diameter: 1.2(mm)
  • Installation form: Direct-inserted clamping plate fixation
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    Car Fitment Model Year
    BMW - Europe 116 2004-2008, 2004-2010

    Product related information


     Year:2004-2008, 2004-2010

     OE NO.:1068298045 0501213960


     Warranty:1 Years

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

    Brand Name:FLYING BULL

     Flow direction:one-way

    Type of drive: electric current

     Pressure environment: depression

    product information

     Car Model:For BMW



     PRICE:FOB Ningbo port

     lead time:1-7 days

    In stock:fast shipments

    Quality:100% professional test

     Working temperature: high-temperature

    Type (channel location) :Pilot type

    Type of attachment: Pack quickly

    Parts and accessories :Actuator

    Points for attention

    1, product selection points

    1) The main control parameters for solenoid valve selection are diameter, design nominal pressure, allowable temperature range of medium and interface size.

    2) Solenoid valve uses electromagnet to push the valve to open and close, which is usually used in two-position control with a diameter below 40mm, especially for connecting, cutting or switching gas path and liquid path.

    3) The sealing performance of the valve is one of the main indexes for evaluating the quality of the valve. The sealing performance of valves mainly includes two aspects, namely, internal leakage and external leakage. Internal leakage refers to the sealing degree of the medium between the valve seat and the closing part. External leakage refers to the leakage of valve stem packing, middle gasket and valve body caused by casting defects. Leakage is not allowed.

    4) The main advantages of solenoid valve are small size, reliable action, convenient maintenance and low price. It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of normally open or normally closed type according to the process requirements.


    Do not work after power on.

    Different kinds of solenoid valves

    Different kinds of electromagnetic valves (30)

    Check whether the power supply wiring is bad → Reconnect and connect the connector.


    Check whether the power supply voltage is within the working range-→ adjust to the normal position range.


    Is the coil desoldering → re-welding?


    Coil short circuit → Replace coil.


    Whether the working pressure difference is inappropriate → adjust the pressure difference → or replace the corresponding solenoid valve.


    Fluid temperature is too high → Replace the corresponding solenoid valve.


    Impurities cause the main valve core and moving iron core of the solenoid valve to be stuck → to be cleaned. If the seal is damaged, replace the seal and install the filter.


    The liquid viscosity is too high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached → Replace the product.Do not work after power on.


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