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Electromagnetic valve suitable for Liugong load gearbox

Short Description:

  • Type (channel location): Three-way type
  • Car model: Liugong
  • Name: Transmission solenoid valve
  • Gearbox model: 4WG200
  • OE: 85650 D862842 ZF0501313375
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    DETAILSCondition:New, Brand New

    Applicable Industries:Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Machinery Repair Shops, Construction works , Energy Mining

     Showroom Location:None

    Video outgoing-inspection:Not Available

     Machinery Test Report:Not Available

    Marketing Type:Ordinary Product

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China



    Port Size:01



    Valve type:5/2

    Seal Material:Hard Alloy


    Temperature of Media:High Temperature




    Points for attention

    1, external leakage is blocked, internal leakage is easy to control, and it is safe to use.


    Internal and external leakage is a factor endangering safety. Other automatic control valves usually extend the valve stem, and the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators control the rotation or movement of the valve core. This will solve the external leakage problem of long-term action valve stem dynamic seal; Only the solenoid valve is completed by electromagnetic force acting on the iron core sealed in the magnetic isolation sleeve of the electric regulating valve, and there is no dynamic seal, so the external leakage is easy to be blocked. It is difficult to control the torque of electric valve, which is easy to cause internal leakage and even break the head of valve stem. The structure of the solenoid valve is easy to control the internal leakage until it is reduced to zero. Therefore, the use of solenoid valves is particularly safe, especially suitable for corrosive, toxic or high and low temperature media.


    2, the system is simple, the computer can be connected easily, and the price is low.


    The solenoid valve itself is simple in structure and low in price, which is easier to install and maintain than other actuators such as regulating valves. What is more remarkable is that the automatic control system is much simpler and the price is much lower. Because the solenoid valve is controlled by switch signal, it is very convenient to connect with industrial computer. In today's era when computers are popular and prices are falling sharply, the advantages of solenoid valves are more obvious.

    3, action express, small power, light shape.

    The response time of solenoid valve can be as short as several milliseconds, even the pilot solenoid valve can be controlled within tens of milliseconds. Because of its own loop, it is more sensitive than other automatic control valves. Properly designed solenoid valve coil has low power consumption and belongs to energy-saving products. It can also automatically maintain the valve position only by triggering the action, and it does not consume any electricity at ordinary times. The solenoid valve is small in size, which saves space and is light and beautiful.

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