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Hydraulic solenoid coil MFB1-2.5YC MFZ1-7YC 300VAC

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  • Applicable models: Hydraulic Solenoid Valve Coil
  • OE: MFB1-2.5YC
  • Magnetism property: Copper core coil
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    Warranty:1 year

    Type:Solenoid valve coil

    Customized support:OEM, ODM

    Model Number:MFB1-2.5YC


    Temperature of Media:Medium Temperature




    Points for attention

    How to detect the solenoid coil good or bad

    1. After getting the sample, the heating condition is tested with power. If the rated voltage of the magnet is continuously energized for 2 minutes, the heating of the electromagnet coil does not exceed 60 degrees, proving that the temperature rise design of the coil is reasonable.

    2.Let the electromagnet move at high frequency, and the heat does not exceed 60 degrees after 10 minutes, indicating that the electromagnet structure design tends to be reasonable.

    3.The electromagnetic force of the electromagnet after heating does not reduce the electromagnet too much, indicating that the copper enamelled wire or new copper enamelled wire is used, and the reduction is too weak for the copper-coated aluminum enamelled wire. When an iron core is inserted into the energized solenoid, the iron core is magnetized by the magnetic field of the energized solenoid, and the magnetized iron core also becomes a magnet, so that the magnetism of the solenoid is greatly enhanced because the two magnetic fields are superimposed on each other. In order to make the electromagnet more magnetic, the iron core is usually made into a horseshoe shape. However, it should be noted that the coil on the horseshoe core is wound in the opposite direction, one side is clockwise, and the other side must be counterclockwise. If the winding direction is the same, the magnetization effect of the two coils on the iron core will cancel each other, so that the iron core is not magnetic. In addition, the core of the electromagnet is made of soft iron, not steel, otherwise once the steel is magnetized, it will remain magnetic for a long time and cannot be demagnetized, then its magnetic strength

    Product specification

    MFB1-2.5YC 300VAC (1)(1)(1)
    MFB1-2.5YC 300VAC (2)(1)(1)
    MFB1-2.5YC 300VAC (4)(1)(1)

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