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8HP Transmission Solenoid Kit for BMW X3 X5 for Audi

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  • Car Model: BMW
  • Transmission Mode: 8HP
  • Applicable temperature: -30~120(℃)
  • Installation form: Direct-inserted clamping plate fixation
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    Car Fitment Model Year
    BMW - Europe 116 2004-2008, 2004-2010

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     Warranty:1 Years

    Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China

    Brand Name:FLYING BULL

    Type of drive: electric current

     Pressure environment: depression

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     Car Model:For BMW



     PRICE:FOB Ningbo port

     lead time:1-7 days

    In stock:fast shipments

    Quality:100% professional test

     Working temperature: high-temperature

    Type (channel location) :Pilot type

    Type of attachment: Pack quickly

    Parts and accessories :Actuator

    Points for attention

    Function of solenoid valve

    As we all know, hydraulic control is an important means of solenoid valve, of which the hydraulic medium is ATF oil, and the automatic transmission is controlled by hydraulic pressure. For the function of the solenoid valve, it can easily achieve the following functions:

    1. Through the control of flow direction

    Switch on, off, or drain the pressure fluid in the line to change the direction of the pressure fluid line (switching line)

    - Solenoid valve determines the flow of ATF oil.

    Control method: By connecting or cutting off the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve can establish or eliminate the oil pressure in different positions of other hydraulic spool, so as to realize the switching of several bits and passes.

    2, pressure regulation and control

    The overflow of pipeline hydraulic fluid is controlled to achieve the purpose of adjusting pipeline pressure; Accurate control of pipeline pressure is achieved by accurate control of overflow. It is generally controlled by pulse PWM.

    - Solenoid valve determines the pressure of ATF oil applied to the actuating mechanism!

    Control method:

    The function of mechanical overflow regulation is realized by changing the compression of the spring through the fluid pressure. According to the feedback signal, the electronic control overflow regulation function of the solenoid valve is precisely controlled.

    3, eliminate the hydraulic impact

    The hydraulic system by the liquid pressure shock wave will make the pipeline vibration, the noise generated, will speed up the transmission components and friction components by the impact (hydraulic strike) damage, the effective way to solve the impact is to let the electromagnetic valve precise control. In the old automatic transmission, you used an accumulator to slow the shock wave, which was something that used to hang on the outside of the transmission, something that looked like a grenade. You rarely see it anymore.

    The control method is to precisely control the opening and closing time of the valve through the solenoid valve to reduce the intensity of the shock wave.

    The following example can see all the above functions, which comes from the general classic GF6 series transmission, through the combined action of a solenoid valve and two valve bodies, the GF6 can use the oil pressure reversal to engage and disengage the locking clutch in the hydraulic converter, while controlling the oil pressure.


    Product specification

    8hp (6)(1)(1)
    8hp (4)(1)(1)
    8hp (2)(1)(1)

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