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Excavator Accessories Coil Hydraforce Solenoid Valve Coil 6302012

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  • Applicable models: for Excavator
  • OE: 6302012
  • Magnetism property: Copper core coil
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     Essential details

    Warranty:1 year

    Type:Solenoid valve coil

    Customized support:OEM, ODM

    Model Number:6302012/6302024


    Temperature of Media:Medium Temperature




    Points for attention

    Cause of solenoid coil burn out

    External cause
         The stable operation of the solenoid valve is inseparable from the cleanliness of the fluid medium, many media will have some fine particles or media calcification, these fine substances will slowly adhere to the valve core, gradually hardening, many people found that the first night is still running normally, to the next morning the solenoid valve can not be opened, When it is removed, it turns out that there is a thick layer of calcified deposits on the valve core. This situation is the most common, but also the main factor leading to the solenoid valve burn, because when the spool is stuck, FS=0, at this time I=6i, the current will surge six times, ordinary coil is very easy to burn.

    Internal cause
          The spool sleeve of the solenoid valve has a small clearance with the spool (less than 0.008mm), which is generally a single piece assembly, and it is easy to get stuck when there are mechanical impurities or too little lubricating oil. The treatment method can be steel wire through the small hole of the head to make it spring back. The fundamental solution is to remove the solenoid valve, take out the spool and spool sleeve, and clean it with CCI4, so that the spool is flexible in the valve sleeve. When disassembling, attention should be paid to the assembly sequence and external wiring position of each component, so as to reassemble and wire correctly, and check whether the oil spray hole is blocked and whether the lubricating oil is enough. If the solenoid coil is burned out, remove the cable to the solenoid valve and measure with a multimeter. If the solenoid coil is open, it is burned out. The reason is that the coil is damp, causing poor insulation and magnetic leakage, causing the current in the coil to be too large and burned, so it is necessary to prevent rain from entering the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring is too strong, the reaction force is too large, the coil turns are too few, and the suction is not enough can also make the coil burn. In case of emergency, the manual button on the coil can be pressed from the "0" position in normal operation to the "1" position to make the valve open.

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    6302012 水1 (3)
    6302012 水1 (2)
    6302012 水1 (2)
    6302012 水1 (1)

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