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Air conditioning pressure valve pressure sensor 499000-8110

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  • OE: 499000-8110
  • Measuring range: 0-600bar
  • Measurement accuracy: 1%fs
  • Applicable models: For Toyota Lexus
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    Sensor protection

    We often use the pressure sensor, so we must pay attention to protect the pressure sensor during use, because although the pressure sensor is protected by stainless steel, it is still easy to be damaged, especially if it is used improperly, it is easy to cause damage to the pressure sensor and lead to losses.


    First of all, the sensor must be used out of range. Do not apply pressure exceeding the rated pressure resistance. If the pressure above the pressure resistance is applied, it may cause damage. Secondly, the use environment, avoid using in the environment with flammable and explosive gases. There is also a short circuit between the power supply voltage and the load. Please do not exceed the use voltage range when using it. If a voltage above the use voltage range is applied, it may cause cracking or burning. Avoid shorting the load. Otherwise, it may cause cracking or burning. Another thing that is rare is wrong wiring to avoid wrong wiring of the polarity of the power supply. Otherwise, it may cause cracking or burning.


    When using the pressure sensor, we must learn how to protect it, otherwise it will be easily damaged and cause production losses. Of course, as long as we operate correctly according to the manufacturer's instructions and avoid the above problems, the pressure sensor can still work for a long time. Some pressure sensors can be used for several years or even more than ten years. The main thing is to learn how to protect it.



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    If the size of the mounting hole is not appropriate, the threaded part of the high-temperature melt pressure sensor will be easily worn during the installation process, which will not only affect the sealing performance of the equipment, but also make the sensor not fully play its role, and may even cause potential safety hazards. Only suitable mounting holes can avoid thread wear (thread industry standard 1/2-20UNF2B), and mounting holes can usually be detected by mounting hole measuring instrument to make appropriate adjustments.

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