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31401-4A400 Fuel Injection Pressure Sensor for KIA HYUNDAI

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  • Model: 12611873 0281002982
  • Area of application: Fuel pressure sensor for Bosch
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    Application field of pressure sensor Pressure sensor is mainly used in: booster cylinder, supercharger, gas-liquid booster cylinder, gas-liquid supercharger, press, compressor, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and other fields.


    1. that pressure sensor apply to the hydraulic system is mainly used to complete the close-loop control of force in the hydraulic system. When the control valve spool moves suddenly, a peak pressure several times the working pressure of the system will be formed in a very short time. In typical mobile machinery and industrial hydraulic systems, if such extreme working conditions are not taken into account in the design, any pressure sensor will be destroyed soon. It is necessary to use an impact-resistant pressure sensor. There are two main methods for pressure sensor to achieve impact resistance, one is to change strain-type chip, and the other is to connect the disk tube externally. Generally, the first method is adopted in hydraulic system, mainly because it is convenient to install. In addition, another reason is that the pressure sensor has to bear the uninterrupted pressure pulsation from the hydraulic pump.


    2. Pressure sensors used in safety control systems are often used in safety control systems, mainly for the safety management system of air compressors. There are many sensor applications in the field of safety control, and it is not surprising that pressure sensor, as a very common sensor, is applied in safety control system. The application in the field of safety control is generally considered from the aspects of performance, price and the safety and convenience of actual operation. It is proved that the effect of selecting pressure sensor is very good. The pressure sensor uses the processing technology of mechanical equipment to install some components and signal regulators on a small chip. So its small size is also one of its advantages. Besides, its low price is another big advantage. To some extent, it can improve the accuracy of system testing. In the safety control system, it is a certain protective measure and a very effective control system to control the pressure brought by the compressor to a certain extent by installing a pressure sensor in the pipeline equipment at the air outlet. When the compressor starts normally, if the pressure value does not reach the upper limit, the controller will open the air inlet and adjust it to make the equipment reach the maximum power.


    3. Pressure sensor used in injection mold plays an important role in injection mold. The pressure sensor can be installed in the nozzle, hot runner system, cold runner system and mold cavity of the injection molding machine, and it can measure the plastic pressure somewhere between the nozzle and the mold cavity of the injection molding machine during injection molding, mold filling, pressure maintaining and cooling.

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