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Suitable for Ford oil fuel pressure sensor 8M6000623

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  • Model: 8M6000623
  • Area of application: For Ford mercury
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    What are the types of pressure measurement?

    1. Liquid column method

    These types of equipment balance the measured pressure with the pressure exerted by the liquid column. If the density of the liquid is known, the height of the liquid column is a measure of the pressure.


    2. Pressure gauge

    The manometer is based on the liquid column method and can be used to measure the pressure of fluid. Based on the principle of balancing the liquid column by the same or other liquid columns, the device can be divided into two types: simple manometer and differential manometer. The simple manometer is a manometer that measures the pressure at a certain point in the fluid contained in the pipeline or container, and the differential manometer measures the pressure difference between any two points in the fluid contained in the pipeline or container. Pressure gauges are characterized by their high chemical stability, low viscosity, low capillary constant, low volatility and low vapor pressure.


    3. Elastic element method


    The elastic element pressure measuring device refers to a device in which the measured pressure causes some elastic materials to deform within their elastic limits, and the magnitude of the deformation is roughly proportional to the applied pressure.


    4. Diaphragm type


    Diaphragm elements can be divided into two types, the first one is an element that uses the elastic characteristics of the diaphragm, and the second one is an element that is opposed by springs or other separate elastic elements. The first one consists of one or more capsules, and each capsule consists of two diaphragms connected together by soldering, brazing or welding. The commonly used metals in diaphragm components are brass, phosphor bronze and stainless steel. The second type of diaphragm is used to suppress pressure and exert force on the opposite elastic element, and the diaphragm will be flexible. The movement of the diaphragm is hindered by the spring, which determines the deflection at a given pressure.


    5. Advantages and application of diaphragm type


    Used for measuring extremely low pressure, vacuum or differential pressure. They are usually used in highly corrosive environments. Their advantages are very sensitive, they can measure the partial pressure difference in a very small range and only need less space.


    6. Borden pressure gauge


    The idea behind the device is that when deformed in any way, the cross-sectional tube will return to its circular shape under pressure. Generally, pipes are bent into a C-shape or an arc length of about 27 degrees. Bourdon tube can be used for pressure difference measurement in a very high range. Bourdon gauge can also be made into spiral or spiral form to obtain better linearity and high sensitivity. Bourdon tube materials must have good elasticity or spring characteristics.

    (1) Advantages of Borden pressure gauge


    Low cost and simple construction.

    There are many ranges to choose from.

    High accuracy



    (2) shortcomings of Borden pressure gauge


    Low spring gradient

    Sensitivity to hysteresis, shock and vibration

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