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Applicable to Ford electronic pressure sensor 1845274c9

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  • OE: 1845274C92
  • Area of application: Used for Ford
  • Measuring range: 0-600bar
  • Measurement accuracy: 1%fs
  • Suitable range: 0-30Mpa
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    Today, with the development of modernization, the combination of sensor technology and computer technology has been out of control, and various emerging industries have developed slowly.

    The air pressure telemetry system is moving towards high intelligence, automation, high precision, low cost and miniaturization. The air pressure telemetry system is composed of terminal equipment and line equipment (the pressure sensor is located in the office, and the terminal equipment is used to supply power to the line equipment) to automatically measure, display and print the air pressure value of the cable. The line equipment is located on the line, and its function is to convert the characteristics into electrical signals and send them to the terminal equipment. The line equipment is the main means to acquire the pressure information, and it plays an important role in the pressure telemetry system. Therefore, the quality and accuracy of line equipment are directly related to reducing the maintenance workload and simplifying the air pressure inspection process. This paper mainly introduces the fault of pressure sensor and the correct installation method.


    Solution to pressure sensor fault:

    First of all, we have to determine the specific installation position of the pressure sensor. In order to determine the number and specific installation position of the pressure sensor, we need to consider it according to each inflatable section of the inflatable net.

    (1) Check the gas path of the cable.


    (2) The absolute air pressure is measured by electronic means, which makes the control of the inflation state of the line more complete and continuous.


    (3) The air leakage point can be estimated in advance from both dynamic and static aspects.


    (4) Determine the time change of the pressure in the cable, so that the inflation time can be estimated, that is, when there is a negative variable, the reduction amount can be determined in advance, so as to determine the pressure value of the fault section of the pressure sensor and the corresponding diffusion time.


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